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DISCLAIMER: Shop more and save more! By combining your chosen items and adding the weight of each one, you can save a lot. Example, by using our system shop and save category, you can get a lot for less on selected items.

For a limited-time we lower the prices up to 90% from retail and 20% to 30% from factory price. So this is how it works, CheckMeOut Inc. will charge you 180.00 flat for 3kg with the size of a pouch 18”x12” per transaction to any where in the Philippines. So you can get a lot for less!

If you are ordering a pair of shoes and small stuffs like pencils or phone cases that can fit in 1 box why pay more if you can pay less.

Our staff will monitor your order if there is any problem we will contact you before shipping is made. You will not be charge double in shipping without a call or a text from us.

Shop and save with Wazzupp. The only shop that gives you the lowest prices in town.

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